Monday, February 9, 2009

Of Earth and Eagles

I have been told by pro-choicers that there is no life worth protecting in the womb until it is born. I have been told that "potential life" is not "life". I have been told that abortion does not take a human life.

Of course I can offer plenty of facts and statistics and logical reasonings that readily disprove all of these assertions but I find it more fun to point out an inconsistancy in the law and watch how rabid pro-choicers will become in their defense.

If we take an eagle egg and compare it to our own gestation in the womb, we should be able to take from the pro-choicers arguments and apply them to the eagle egg. In other words, there is no life worth protecting in the egg. "potential life" is not "life". Making an omellette out of eagle eggs does not take an eagle's life. So why does the law place so much protection over an eagle's unhatched and so little protection over our unborn?

This turning of the tables will bring about a lot of fun interaction. They will bring up extinction, but again, if there is no actual eagle in that egg then there is no danger of extinction by enjoying the egg before it hatches. They will then bring up the fact that we are in no danger ourselves of extinction, in fact this is the point where they wil begin the self-loathing cry of overpopulation. See my earlier blog on this subject.

The truth is that we do protect eagle eggs because there would be no hatched eagles otherwise, and we need to protect the fetus for the same reason.


  1. "potential life"
    An oft repeated lie. Its life from the moment of conception folks. Actually, its life BEFORE conception. Sperm and egg are living organisms and life is an unbroken chain.
    However, sperm and eggs are not human beings because they are only half the required equation and can not develop further on their own.
    Once you join the two, the living organisms form a new human being that did not exist prior to that union.
    Once fertilized, the dominant genetic characteristics are determined (natural eye color, height, etc) and not a moment before.

    The Eagle egg analogy is an outstanding example of the hypocrisy of abortion advocates.
    They (the animal lovers among them anyway) will protect a non-human egg, but will not protect an unborn human.

    Very good observation - thank you for pointing that out.

  2. Thanks for expounding on the idea of potential life. In my sarcastic delivery I can sometimes lose people on which side of the argument I am speaking for.

    Of course I believe that potential life is just a potential argument. It's either alive or it isn't, and the conceptus is most definately alive.