Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Republicans care nothing about the poor.

Ah the careless and unchecked lies that get spewed all over the internet and other media.

According to this study taken from 2008, the states who voted republican tended to be more charitable than the states who voted democratic. The top 8 most charitable states were all republican while the bottom 7 states were democratic. In fact, if you add up all of the percentage points for republican states vs. democratic states, the count comes out to 119.5 Republican vs. 113.9 Democratic, despite the fact that there were only 22 republican states vs 28 democratic states in 2008. That means Republicans were more charitable than Democrats with less states.

Now one might say that Republicans were able to be more charitable because they have all the money. After all,  everyone knows that republicans are all about the super-rich so they must have more money to give away. Well according to this article, the richest states were largely democratic while the poorest states were largely republican.

Any chance we can finally put this one to rest? Probably not.

Truth rarely means much in politics.

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